Humanities Exchanges


Three Treasures of Humanities and Art

"Three Treasures of Humanities and Art", Peace Irene, the Haïmalong and the Haïmafong, which integrate the humanistic essence of the Eastern and Western cultures were created after years of devotion to spread the world vision of "Peace" and "True Love". As the characteristic of GOLDIAN's humanities real-estate brand, "Three Treasures of Humanities and Art" have participated in various international culture exchange activities and received wide attention and praise around the world.


Peace Irene

As the perfect artistic representative which condenses the interfused legacy of the East and West, Peace Irene poses in a perky and elegant stance riding on the waves to harbor a broad mind and love, coroneted with a Haïmafong crown in the connotation of harmony and good luck, while holding a Haïmalong staff which represents justice and majesty in the left hand, with the other hand perched by a wing-fluttering dove of peace which holds an olive branch in its beak to deliver the good wishes of world peace and the spirit of the true, the good, and the beautiful.



As a combination of the seahorse and the dragon, the Haïmalong originates from the ancient land of the East, having absorbed the essence of the Western cultures with profound connotations of both the Eastern and Western cultures.


As a combination of the seahorse and phoenix, the Haïmafong inherits the profound significance from the Eastern and Western cultures. The consummation attached to the Haïmafong signifies the sublimation of the true love.

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