Harmony between Humanities and Intelligence

Technology and Art in Radiance with the World IRENE H.I. Concert


On 9 September, 2020, "Boundless Heart • Eternal Love" IRENE H.I. Concert and the 6TH IRENE 9/9 INTERNATIONAL TRUE LOVE DAY were held in Shanghai, China. This session changed the past tradition to the way in which IRENE, the goddess of True Love, turned into an AI superstar and sang dozens of famous Chinese and foreign songs with her moving voice with real actors, bringing us an incomparable virtual audio-visual feast. At the concert, IRENE won cheers with her strong stage appeal, intelligent and friendly language. The Economic Counsellor of Consulat général de France à Shanghai, General Manager of CCI France Chine, experts and academicians in the field of AI, and celebrities from all walks of life gathered together, in honor of true love and humanities.

Boundless Heart • Eternal Love

The year 2020 is an extraordinary year. Human beings around the world fight bravely together in front of fate. The IRENE 9/9 INTERNATIONAL TRUE LOVE DAY brings us together and warms our hearts with the guidance of true love. By reviewing the past, The IRENE 9/9 INTERNATIONAL TRUE LOVE DAY, was born in 2015, considered the first worldwide festival with the theme of "True Love", and was highly praised as "Nobel’s efforts and contributions" by H.E. Mr. Dhirendra Bhatnagar, President of World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations (WFUCA). The "Hand Heart of 9/9 True Love" appeared in the Times Square are popular among all walks of life. The "Three Treasures of Humanities and Art" -- Peace Irene, Haimalong and Haimafeng were exhibited at the United Nations for two times. The IRENE 9/9 INTERNATIONAL TRUE LOVE DAY in the year of 2020 is also a significant milestone to us!

Innovative Technology • Humanities Intelligence

The IRENE 9/9 INTERNATIONAL TRUE LOVE DAY is known as "world-class praise of Humanities and True Love". Now, innovative technology and Humanities Intelligence make future life within reach. This year's IRENE 9/9 INTERNATIONAL TRUE LOVE DAY perfectly integrates cutting-edge technology, humanities, art and true love. In the future, the application of AI will be everywhere, and the integration of Humanistic Art and Humanities Intelligence will make the space of the past, the present and the future unlimited. This concert is the innovation in the industry and has great significance. The perfect integration of the presentation of Intelligence IRENE and the performance of real actors shows her star-style from the inside out. It is a very forward-looking audio-visual feast, and also an important milestone of the IP image of Intelligence IRENE. In this era driven by AI, GOLDIAN Group actively breaks through and innovates science and technology, and reinterprets the essence of “9/9 TRUE LOVE” in a more intelligent and humanized way, and conveys its vision of world peace and true love.

Gorgeous Stage • Melody of True Love

The concert starts with a classic English song Amazing Grace. It goes through the sci-fi background of time and space and cleans the holy Gospel of the soul. On this wonderful night, in this hall of true love, the melody reaches our soul deeply. On that night, IRENE sang about ten well-known world-famous songs such as Chinese folk song Jasmine, Russian famous song Moscow Nights, the theme song of Olympic You and Me, American classic country folk Five Hundred Miles, and the theme song of Titanic My Heart will Go On, the theme song of IRENE 9/9 INTERNATIONAL TRUE LOVE DAY True Love Forever, presenting four chapters with the theme of connection, cohesion, growth and eternity with music and dance. The wonderful singing, smart stage performance and graceful and intelligent image of goddess of Intelligence IRENE deeply affected everyone on the scene. The audience sometimes sang with her, sometimes applauded warmly, and sometimes their eyes were covered with tears. The waving light sticks like twinkling stars shining in the night sky, putting the concert into a exciting and lively atmosphere.

Science & Technology Empower Eternal True Love

The concert is not only a concert, but also a show of the achievements of Intelligence IRENE developed by the team in the form of combination of science and technology and art. On the one hand, GOLDIAN wants to apply the Humanities Intelligence to all industries of the group and provide all-round services. On the other hand, GOLDIAN also wants to use technology to bring happiness, gratitude and positive energy to everyone and convey true love. This is the original intention of this concert. IRENE uses her wisdom, kindness and deep feeling to deduce the eternal power of true love for us. Her singing carries love and hope, and gets the emotional resonance of all the audience at the scene. In this noisy era, IRENE may be the warmest comfort in the heart of all people, which is also the reason why many fans come here for her.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 9•9 International True Love Day, the Economic Counsellor of Consulat général de France à Shanghai and the General Manager of CCI France Chine came to the scene and cheered for IRENE.

Fans cheered for Irene

The IRENE H.I. Concert let us witness the technological innovation and feel the power of true love. This year's IRENE 9/9 INTERNATIONAL TRUE LOVE DAY sings the harmony of Humanities and Intelligence and shows the combination of technology and art. With the imagination of happiness and the vision of the future, let's look forward to meeting with IRENE again next year, witnessing the charm of science and technology, singing the melody of true love and praising humanities and true love!