The story behind K&IRÈNE is one of passion, a voyage, a spellbinding encounter that illuminates a path of destiny, sprinkling stars in the sky and in people’s lives. Above all, it is a magnificent story of love. So magnificent, some even consider it a legend...


Each piece in the K&IRÈNE collection pays homage to peace, harmony and love in its own way. This rather original positioning is unprecedented in the fine jewelry world, making the brand a true pioneer. The sources of inspiration are countless – from nature’s beauty to legends, poetry of love, the French art of living, and royal treasures as well as more intimate pieces – all reinterpreted in a dreamlike fashion by the designers and expert artisans.



He was formerly the design director of Cartier and GRAFF, and a special member of the French jewelry association. Cartier is famous for creating the leopard jewelry series.

When beauty gives birth to peace

The pieces in this collection feature two Haïmalongs, proudly protecting a yellow diamond, the symbol of light and sunshine. The necklace’s central clasp and the motifs around the throat, as well as the bracelet and other pieces of this exquisite jewelry set, also feature elegant, stylized scales. The fluid movement of diamond tassels echoes the wake of his tail in the water.

Surrounded by swirls of diamonds in a very poetic expression, two Haïmalongs wrap around and protect a sapphire or an emerald as if defending their offspring, their most precious treasure. These two gems’ refreshing, oceanic colors bring to mind the animal’s aquatic habitat. The cultured pearls, born in shells, and the translucid rock crystal, like water, underscore this connection with the marine world.

As if Haïmafong were taking flight straight from the ocean, this magnificent rendering captures her graceful feminine flair. Like a comet, her tail shoots through the sky toward the sun, symbolized by a dazzlingly clear and luminous yellow diamond. Like shimmering rays of sunshine, the ring and earrings reflect Haïmafong’s swirling movements as she ascends into the sky.

Inspired primarily by Art Deco, this magnificent necklace expresses the powerful movements of Haïmalong’s spine. It radiates with beams of luminous diamonds tipped with diamond-cut rubies, conjuring visions of his scales. In the middle, a ruby reveals this animal’s pure passion. It is surrounded by asymmetrical diamond waves set in a variety of styles. The matching ring and earrings showcase his scales with highly graphic designs.

In the Serments collection, the number nine motifs are more stylized, each one forming a smooth loop that interlaces into the next. The clasp on the necklace is a clever nod to the K&IRÈNE logo.

Shanghai Peninsula Store Unveiled in 2019

An internationally renowned architectural design team used cutting-edge aesthetic principles to create a beautiful, truly luxurious venue.The unusual design and incomparable style fascinate the senses and exude the undeniable glamour of K&IRÈNE jewelry.