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Human and Artistic Treasures

Merging the quintessence of Eastern and Western cultures through years of dedicated creation, the Haïmalong, Haïmafong, and Peace Irene are three grand treasures of human and artistic value. They collectively promote a global vision of "peace and true love," becoming hallmark features of corporate cultural branding, and actively engage in international cultural exchanges, receiving widespread acclaim from governmental leaders around the world

Haïmalong  Haïmafong

The Haïmalong is a fusion of the seahorse and dragon, originating from the ancient East, absorbing the best of Western culture, and rich in the historical depth of East-Western cultural heritage. The Haïmafong, a blend of the seahorse and phoenix, carries forward the profound meanings of Eastern and Western cultures. Together with the Haïmalong, it elevates the true essence of love

Peace Irene

Representing the perfect blend of Eastern and Western cultures, she stands tall and elegant above the surging waves, symbolizing broad-mindedness and compassion. Wearing the Haïmafong crown, she symbolizes harmony and fortune. Holding the Haïmalong scepter in her left hand, she represents justice and dignity, and in her right hand, she holds up a peace dove carrying an olive branch, conveying to the world the spirit of peace and the virtues of truth, goodness, and beauty