Humanistic Treasures

Right from the time when it embarked on the journey of “True Love Humanities”, GOLDIAN knew that meaning of “Humanity” refers not to any individual person, but to all people in this world; and that “True Love” is not the love for oneself, but the love for the world, society and mankind. It is GOLDIAN’s relentless pursuit to share its philosophy of “True Love Humanities” with the entire world.

For this purpose, GOLDIAN created the "Three Treasures of Humanities and Art" - the Haïmalong, which represents “True Love, tolerance and wisdom”, the Haïmafong, which embodies "True Love, sincerity and respect" and Peace Irene, the symbol of “peace, harmony and integrity”. Together, they are the carriers of spreading and exchanging "True Love Humanities".

Peace Irene: The perfect artistic image representative which condenses the interfused legacy of the East and West. Posed in a perky and elegant stance riding on the waves to harbor a broad mind and love, Peace Irene is coroneted with a Haïmafong crown to symbolize the supreme beauty in the connotation of harmony and good luck, while holding a Haïmalong staff which represents justice and majesty, with the other hand perched by a wing-fluttering dove of peace which holds an olive branch in its beak to deliver the good wishes of peace and the spirit of the true, the good, and the beautiful.

The "Three Treasures of Humanities and Art" which condenses GOLDIAN’s best wishes for true love, humanities and a better future of mankind. It was presented as a gift to many world leaders, including former US President Bill Clinton, the Carters, and former German president Joachim Gauck, completing a journey from China to the world, from past to future.

The Three Humanistic And Artistic Treasures Were Exhibited at The UN Headquarters

On September 9, 2018, the film True Love with the theme of true love was premiered at the ceremony. Many audiences were moved to tears