Shanghai Natural Hot Springs Tourist Resort

The Shanghai Natural Hot Springs Tourist Resort, currently in planning, features two main thematic functions:

Firstly, “Intelligent Cultural Tourism" integrates a wealth of tourism content including business, leisure, entertainment, health, and vacation experiences, combined with intelligent Irene's one-stop customized warm services. This aims to create a sanctuary for holistic relaxation and healing that caters to the body, mind, and spirit.

Secondly, the "Apartment Hotel" concept, realized through intelligent Irene, offers a comprehensive smart living and vacation experience that encompasses clothing, food, shelter, and transportation.

The Shanghai Natural Hot Springs Tourist Resort will uphold the GOLDIAN Group's "True Love and Humanism" philosophy. Leveraging cutting-edge humanistic and intelligent technology, it aims to transcend traditional living concepts and surpass the common cultural and tourism experience. By blending nature, art, humanity, and living scenarios, it seeks to integrate content into life, turn life into an art form, and allow art to permeate body and mind, bringing individuals back to the essence of life. The goal is to establish a new paradigm for smart cultural tourism that embodies the harmony between humanity and nature.